What to Do When Transponder Key is Lost

If you find yourself saying, “I am unable to find my transponder key” or “I am not sure if my transponder key was stolen” it can absolutely be stressful. But there are solutions available in the event that a transponder key gets lost. It is typically a given that if you have a vehicle you have come to rely on it for transportation.

In the event of a transponder key becoming lost, 24/7 assistance might be required. Did you know this is something you can reach out to a locksmith for? A mobile locksmith like our company is willing to be there for customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure emergency situations are covered. One of the mobile services you can call on our company for happens to be transponder key programming. Here,  we encourage trying to avoid panicking if a transponder key is lost ([dcl=9042]). We are going to get into some different scenarios and what is recommended that you do if you ever misplace a transponder key. We will also discuss how to prevent the loss of a transponder key.

What do you do to avoid losing a transponder key and what do you do when one is lost? Take a look…

Have a Spare Key!
This might sound like a given, but one way to prevent emergency situations with locks and keys is to have a copy of your transponder key. In the event that one key is missing, at the very least, in order to get by for a short period of time, the spare key can be used. This avoids having to have a locksmith rush out and having to spend money on service. It could be a good idea to leave a spare key with a neighbor or loved one, or even to keep a spare key in a drawer within your home. This way, it can be accessed in the event it is needed.

Check Lost and Found!
Where was the transponder key lost? It is a good idea to retrace your steps. Perhaps you are traveling and potentially dropped the key in a hotel hallway or even in a parking lot. Maybe the key is actually exactly where you last left it in the house, but you put it down in a different spot than usual without paying attention. If you are out and about, see if the place has a lost and found box. And if you are in your own home, retrace your steps!

Use Key Locators/Key Finders
Have you ever heard of a car key tracker? A key tracker or finder works by using a signal that is received and transmitted. There are different kinds of signals used – radio frequency waves and Bluetooth signals. The latter is a technology which is wireless and it enables devices to swap information when short distances are involved. A key finder can be good to help keep track of your transponder key.
A tip is to continuously leave the transponder key in the same spot. Whether that is hung in a home entry way, in a purse, or elsewhere, consistency can allow a motorist to know where their key is located.

Check the Manual
The manual for the vehicle might have information or directions on what to do when transponder keys go missing. It is worth checking it out, as there might also be information on how to deactivate the old key or how to have a new one programmed if needed.

Call on a Locksmith for Service
Perhaps you have determined that your transponder key is lost and is not going to be found anytime soon. A locksmith that is proficient in auto lock and security services will be able to provide a solution to this dilemma. We are able and willing to offer services such as transponder key programming and transponder key duplication. These are services that can be very beneficial to customers ([dcl=9042]).

If you find yourself saying, “I cannot find my transponder key” or “My transponder key might have been stolen” then you might want to consider reaching out to a locksmith offering mobile services, like us! We are skillful when it comes to working with keys and locks for all vehicle makes and models, which might include Mazda, Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Dodge, Ford, BMW and more. It is understandable that it can be stressful and difficult if your transponder key were to become lost. When you lose your transponder key and either cannot find or do not have a spare key, there are options, and we hope that this information highlights this and provides ideas for you. Calling on a locksmith that is proficient in providing transponder key programming as well as transponder key duplication can prove beneficial. Replacing a transponder key takes proficiency, as the key must match the vehicle and be linked correctly in order to work.  

Remember that a transponder key must be paired to your car, otherwise it will not function correctly. If the transponder key is not programmed to be a match for the vehicle’s ignition, the vehicle is not going to start. But, it is an option to have a new key cut and reprogrammed, so you can get back on the road, so to speak. We strive to get to our customers fast and to get them back on the road as soon as possible when there is a problem with auto locks and keys. Customer service is important to us.
A mobile locksmith team like the one at our company is willing to be there for customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure emergency situations are covered We focus on customer service and is willing to do what we can to help. It is our hope that this information is beneficial and has offered insight in terms of what to do if your transponder key is lost.

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